“In short, Alana gets it done.  She has the perfect blend of persistence, perseverance and persuasiveness to ensure that problems get addressed, and situations managed.  In working with her on various community projects, I have positively experienced her strong active voice and leadership for the advancement of our endeavors.” 
Jim Finkelstein, President and CEO, FutureSense, Inc.  San Rafael, CA

“I would like to speak to a number of strengths that Alana possesses which enables her to manage people, groups and organizations so successfully:
Strong ability to listen, absorb information and act in a manner that is very professional and courteous.  She has great morals, values and ethics that always play a major role in the decision making process.
Cogent management skills are very sharp, she is able to juggle many jobs while meeting deadlines and providing a stable work environment for the staff; she is very organized and efficient which is what is needed when dealing with the overall well-being of an organization.
Alana’s ability to solve problems is one of her biggest assets.  It takes a special temperament to deal with ongoing issues within an organization and then be able to provide solutions in a professional manner.
All organizations must have a great leader in order for it to function properly.  A great leader is one that possesses the traits mentioned above and is respected by their peers.  Alana maintained the utmost respect for her ability to lead.”
Ron Benjamin, Director of Coaching, Placer United Soccer Club, Sacramento, CA

“Before Alana came to our rescue we were running at half the efficiency necessary to run a successful small business.  She was able to clean up our offices; train the staff on how to organize their tasks and time management; and put in systems that have helped us to run more effectively.  We now have the ability to further increase our productivity and provide the best possible service and programs for our community.”
- Bernice Baeza, Executive Director, Lark Theater, Larkspur, CA

"I was referred to Alana by a friend, to whom I am eternally grateful, as she changed my life.
Before Alana's intervention, my life was a mess. I could never find anything, I was always running
late, I was embarrassed about the state of my home; basically I was a disaster. It was exhausting
just trying to keep up and maintain appearances, I was very unhappy. But Alana changed all that,
she came with systems for time management, filing, paper flow, housekeeping tips and just basic
no nonsense motivational tools to keep me on-track. I can now honestly say, that I am happy.
 Gone is the clutter and shame of a life gone out of control, Alana was a godsend and I couldn't
recommend her more highly."  
- Larry Westfall